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News and Updates

  1. Outdoor play:

    Please remember to send children with suitable clothes for outdoor play.

    As the weather improves please do not send children in flip flop sandals they are not safe footwear for outdoor play and climbing


    The Allotment:

    We are working on the allotment; if anyone has any spare plants that they can let us have we would be grateful


  2. Pick up – Please collect children promptly!

    Our staff ratios have to be maintained throughout the day and are particularly sensitive around 1pm.
    Please note that it is very important that we are notified if you are going to be delayed when collecting your child in the middle of the day as we may need to adjust staff lunch breaks.
    We realize that unavoidable events may occur and cause delay at the end of the day: but please remember that the nursery closes at 6pm

    It is vital that children are ALWAYS signed IN and OUT when attending Nursery.

    Parking –


    Please ensure that you park tidily when dropping or collecting your child. Please adhere to the yellow lines and do not block our neighbours garage access or the allotment gate.

    Smoking –

    Please respect our NO Smoking policy, which applies to all parts of the site. It is also not acceptable for electronic cigarettes to be on show on the Nursery site.

  3. Bags !!!

    Please keep bags to essential and a minimum size – AND please take bags home at the end of every attended session.


    Lost Property:

    Please check that you collect the correct coat and bag when you collect your child.

    Please make sure ALL clothes are named – we cannot be responsible for anything that is not clearly labelled.

    Wows at Home:

    We want to know about progress your child is making at home – this information can be included in our Development Records which we use when planning activities beneficial for your child’s learning.
    Please talk to your Key Person about ‘Wow’ moments with your child at home – we’d love some photographs too!

  4. We are collecting –

    • Unwanted sheets, preferably pale coloured, for us to use in role play and for large scale art activities
    • We need underpants, knickers, and trousers to replenish our spare clothes boxes.

    Please return any clothes your child has borrowed following an accident – thank you.

    • Rolls / part rolls of clean unwanted wallpaper
    • Scrap paper – suitable for children to draw or paint on.

    N.B. We are NO longer collecting milk bottle tops.